Monday, February 3, 2014

Christian Ficiton - Books for Kids | Christian Author Annette Phillips

Just a heads up that I've just published my latest Christian fiction book. Children love mystery and adventure as much as adults do. This book is perfect for ages 9 to 13 boys and girls.

The girls will love the boyfriend/girlfriend aspect of the book while boys won't be able to put down the adventure side.

Although this book is action packed and mysterious, there is no scary parts to this book. Here is the book details:

For as long as Kenton can remember, his parents have pushed him and his older brother into a life of all basketball, all the time. But that changes when Kenton stumbles into a series of mysterious grave robberies. He, with the help of a Cherokee girl named Anali, discovers that life can be dangerous if you choose the wrong path.
Kenton finds himself talking to God after experiencing Anali's faith, and in the end discovers that choosing to go the distance for his troubled brother after being told to 'let it go' saves his entire family.
 You can pick up Hidden Arrows on Amazon.

This will be a book your kids read over and over. They'll try to figure out the clues as they go, but more than likely, it will take reading it a few times before they can put all the pieces together!

Lots of fun and excitement.


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