Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's New with Annette Phillips?

My latest Christian Children's Bible Study: Bethlehem the First Christmas just went live on Amazon this past week.

What's it about?

Here is the book description taken from Amazon:

Bethlehem the First Christmas is a daily bible study designed just for children with family devotion time in mind. Children can read through the daily lessons by themselves or follow along with a grown-up.

There is a total of fourteen daily lessons which include: interesting facts, questions & answers, and bold terms with definitions to help children get the most out of the bible study.

Each lesson shows the verses that go along with the daily bible study which children are encouraged to read each day. Lessons and verses are King James Version of the bible.

The birth of Jesus is a marvelous true story that many children don't fully understand. For instance, most people believe the wise men came to the manger to present the baby Jesus with gifts. What people don't realize is that the wise men didn't start on their journey to Bethlehem until Jesus was born and the star appeared.

Children will discover this along with many other wonderful things about Jesus' birth as they read through the lessons and bible verses.

Other Children's Bible Studies in this series include: Ruth, Abraham, and Joseph

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