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Bible Stories for Children | See What We Have

Bible Stories for Children
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When looking to teach your kids about the bible, you only want the best and the most accurate stories. Am I right?

As a parent, that is what I always look for in bible stories for children. It is because of this reason I decided to write bible stories for children. I began working one story at a time until I'd written several. Now, I want to share them with you.

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The stories I've written so far include: Abraham, Ruth, Joseph, and Bethlehem: The First Christmas. I have several more I am working on so be sure to check back often for more!

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Just click on the image or title below to read about each book and to take a look inside. The link will take you to Amazon where I have them listed.

I hope you enjoy them as there will be more to come!

Short Bible Stories

Kids can learn the short bible stories of Enoch, Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand,
and Naaman who was a leper in the newest edition
to the "Children's Bible Study" Series. Let the kids follow along by reading the
verses in the bible that go with each lesson. You'll find they'll want to
learn more about the bible because it's fun!


Christian children's Bible story that follows the King James Version of the Bible. Lessons are broken down into easy to read daily studies. Verses are listed at the top of each lesson for children to read God's Word for themselves. Questions, answers, and facts are also included!


Discover God's word through simple to read lessons that lead children through the pages of the Bible.
This bible story for children contains eight lessons covering the entire book of Ruth (KJV). Each lesson is followed by questions with answers along with interesting facts or fun facts!


This bible story for children contains 30 lessons which begins in Genesis 37 and covers Joseph's life through Genesis 48. Children can learn new bible terms which are bold throughout the book. The definition of each bold word can be found just after the lesson. Interesting facts, questions and answers, and more is also included!


Bethlehem: The First Christmas

Bethlehem: The First Christmas has a total of fourteen daily lessons which include: interesting facts, questions & answers, and bold terms with definitions to help children get the most out of the bible study.

Sunday School Lessons

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